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"Becci is a great teacher. A lovely person - easy to get on with and gives really good tips and suggestions. She always makes you feel at ease. I feel as if I have made real progress with her"

"I have been having lessons with Becci for a few months now and am amazed at her knowledge of the voice and its production. She helps me control my voice and explains how I can achieve a better sound with uncomplicated directions. Becci is very easy to get on with and I feel a lot happier with my voice already. I would recommend singing lessons with Becci as she is a highly inspirational, empathetic teacher" 

"Great teacher, encouraging and lovely. Cannot recommend enough" 

"I've been having lesson with Becci on and off for a while now. She knows what she is doing and I can see a lot of my bad habits going away. My range, control, tone and breath has improved greatly and I can sing much better than before" 

"As a colleague and collaborator, Becci is a performer who puts questions of taste and musical intelligence at the top of all she does. Something I know she's passionate about passing on in her teaching, as well as healthful technique" 

"Love my lessons with Becci! It's so great to really notice the improvements and understand how the voice works. Highly recommend" 

"Very welcoming and accommodating (especially if you are shy). Gives tips on how to improve techniques whilst at home, so you don't have to rely on lessons. Patient and supportive!" 

"Having bought initially from Groupon, I was so impressed with Rebecca's knowledge. I am now seeing Rebecca regularly and noticing a big improvement in my vocal range and technique" 

"Becci is a very talented vocalist and brings out the best in her students. Highly recommend her" 

"I've been seeing Becci Hunt for over 3 years. I've had tutors previous to her and never felt progression in my voice as I have with Becci! Her skills and dedication to the art are impeccable and impressive and to be admired. If you're​ looking for strong direction in a relaxed manner I highly recommend Becci!" 

“If you are truly passionate about singing, it’s very inspiring and motivating to have an equally passionate teacher who knows your voice & pushes you to be the best you can be” 

“Best singing teacher I’ve ever had – my technique has improved massively since I’ve been having lessons with Becci”  

“An extremely wonderful teacher and all round human being. She is a really patient and enthusiastic teacher who is also a real laugh”  

“Becci is the best singing teacher I have had to date by a mile. She is amazing at teaching technique, extremely patient and easy to talk to, and she produces brilliant results. Her lessons are also really enjoyable, I would recommend her 100% to anybody at any stage in their singing career”