Valentine's Offer (50% Off)

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I am offering 50% of your first singing lesson through 14th Feb to 14th March. Spaces will fill up very quickly, so be sure to email or call quoting the code: VAL2017 t0 book your discounted lesson. To book in a singing lesson in Norwich or Rockland St Mary email

The difference between 'Singing Teacher' and 'Vocal Coach'

There is actually a difference between the two terms, even though the terms are used interchangeably among a lot of teachers. The main difference, in my opinion, is that a Singing Teacher is a technician and is there to help you improve your vocal technique. If someone is marketing themselves as a Singing Teacher, I would expect that person to have an extensive knowledge of how the voice works and more importantly how to improve the sound, quality and ability of a student’s voice. A Vocal Coach on the other hand, is someone who will work primarily on musicality and performance of a piece. They won’t necessarily have a strong understanding of technique but they do know how to delve into the c

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